Residents afraid more destruction will follow next storm


Some area residents still cleaning up from the storm over the weekend are afraid more severe weather will create a bigger mess.

"I can just hope and pray it doesn't happen again," said homeowner Nancy Grant.

Limbs, branches and power lines litter her yard. She said most of the debris came from her neighbor’s yards.

"I thought a bomb had hit the house,” said Grant. “It was just awful."

While tree service crews are picking up what the storm left behind, she’s terrified of what could happen when the next storm rolls through.

"All this could be right back where it was," said Grant. "I can't sleep."

Arborists tell Fox59, a lot of trees have weakened from the drought and often times it does not take more than just 30 mph winds to knock down limbs.

"Sometimes it really does not take that much," said Jared Wright, an arborist with All Points Tree Service.

Since it’s not always easy to tell which trees are rotten on the inside, Wright suggests homeowners simply maintain their trees.

"Trimming, reducing some of the weight off of the tops of the canopies," said Wright.

Homeowner Harvey Shannon is getting rid of five of this trees after limbs crashed all over his yard this weekend.

"Yeah, I'll take the necessary steps," said Shannon.

Even residents who haven’t seen damage are taking notice, according to Aspen Tree Service.

"They see you out in the neighborhood working, what can you do to my tree to keep this from happening?" explained Steve Clark with Aspen Tree Service. "The storm comes through, they see dead trees, and now they're ready to have theirs cut down."

Spokesperson with Indiana Power & Light and Duke Energy told Fox59 they are ready to respond to any outages at a moment’s notice.


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