So much for a shake up at the quarterback position, the Colts sticking with Curtis Painter for this weekend's game against Carolina. Painter and the offense have struggled to get points on the board, in fact they haven't scored a touchdown in two straight games. In 7 starts this season Painter has thrown more interceptions (7) then touchdowns (5). Even so Head Coach Jim Caldwell isn't ready to give up on the 3rd year player just yet.

“Curtis has not played a whole lot of football around here for us. He’s got to be given a good, clear opportunity. There are a lot of things that happen to him out there during the course of the game that might not always be his fault. Some of it, obviously, is the situation we’ve put him in as well. I think that we need to do a little better job, I need to do a better job, I should say, of making certain he can do what he does and not necessarily what anyone else has done around here. (We need to) get (the offense) a little bit tailored more to his strengths.  I just didn’t feel that he’s gotten an opportunity to do that as of yet, a clear opportunity. So we wanted to give him that chance, or opportunity I should say.”

“Just keep getting better and keep improving. Coming off the bye week, just continue to fix the things that we need to do for ourselves, and hopefully keep that going,” said Painter.

Many thought Dan Orlovsky was giving Painter a run for his money at the starting quarterback position. In the past two games he's relieved Painter in the second half to provide a spark. In those contests Orlovsky completed 14-of 21 passes for 122 yards. 

“I’m disappointed every Sunday, if you want to use that word, because you don’t get a chance to go play. So it’s my role to be the backup, my role to do what the coaches ask me to do and that’s what they’re asking me to do right now. Do I want to be out there? Of course, I’ve wanted to be out there for seven years now, but I just have to continue to go and prepare, be ready, support Curtis (Painter) like I have and try to help him anyway that I can. Hopefully we can go win.”