More Red Cross volunteers prepared to drive straight into Isaac's path


As Hurricane Isaac roars ashore the Gulf Coast, Red Cross volunteers from Indiana are driving straight into its path.

The Red Cross has deployed at least 22 volunteers from the Indianapolis area to prepare for the destruction Isaac is expected to bring.

Among those volunteers is Tom Morgan, an Eli Lilly employee who signed up to help during disasters. Fox59 talked with him on the phone Tuesday, as his crew drove from Tampa, Fla., to Hattiesburg, Miss.

"Main thing tonight is we'll be setting up cots, blankets, getting ready for the client to come in," said Morgan.

His crew was supposed to spend Tuesday night in Pensacola, Fla., but since the weather is transient, so are their orders.

Back home, dozens of other Hoosier volunteers anxiously wait for their call.

"I'm ready. I'm packed," said Kadi Best.

She was packed this time last year, on her way to help victims of Hurricane Irene. Now, she’s standing by for Isaac.

"I've been tracking Isaac since he was a 70 percent chance," said Best. "I'm just waiting for that moment that I get called and I can head out."

Morgan said his crew will be working on 12-hour shifts at whichever shelter they’re based at.


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