Missing IU student's parents relaunch search

Spierers plea for returning students to come forward

Bloomington, Ind.

As the fall semester at Indiana University kicks off Monday, the parents of missing junior Lauren Spierer are hoping the new school year might bring new information to help them find their daughter.

Charlene and Robert Spierer relaunched the search Sunday, outside Lauren's apartment building. They handed out freshly printed flyers with a new picture of the Lauren, targeting students coming back to campus.

"When Lauren disappeared in June, most of the kids weren’t at school so this is just our effort to keep the awareness alive," said Charlene.

"We're hoping that somebody here, one of the students that comes back, will come to hear some information, be in possession of some information, that they can provide to us or the police and it can be done anonymously to help us find Lauren," said Robert.

It might be some time before that information comes out, but the Spierers are already getting renewed help.

Several students, like junior Allie Warner, who were not in Bloomington when Lauren disappeared are pitching in to help in the search.

"If this were me, I would hope that somebody would do that for me," said Warner. "It's just scary to think someone my age could be missing and I help wanna do whatever I can to find her."

Volunteers taped posters around town and chalked sidewalks.

The Spierers hope that attitude will breathe new life into the three month long investigation.

"Someone's responsible for Lauren’s disappearance and somebody knows where she is," said Charlene. "They know what happened. They know where she is and they’re just not coming forward."



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