Anderson firefighter denies wrongdoing in molestation case

The firefighter brother of Anderson Mayor Kris Ockomon was jailed on two cases involving six counts of alleged child molest, sexual misconduct and criminal deviate conduct.


The firefighter brother of Anderson Mayor Kris Ockomon denied any wrongdoing after he was arrested and charged with six counts of child molestation, sexual misconduct and criminal deviate conduct Tuesday.

Martin Ockomon, 46, was arrested in an Anderson Fire Department PAC t-shirt on two $20,000 bonds. He later posted bond.

The allegations stem back 21 years and special prosecutor Tammy Napier of Hancock County alludes to a possible police cover up by Ockomon's brother, a retired Anderson police officer, in the charging information.

Ockomon is accused of fondling and molesting at least three young female relatives on numerous occasions during the 1990's. The charging information claims one victim came forward only with the assistance of a victim's advocate last year, "due to the victim's continued intimidation and fear of Martin R. Ockomon."

Napier said that was not the first time anyone heard about the alleged crimes. She claims "the offense was reported to Roger Ockomon, an officer with the Anderson Police Department in 1990. However, the prosecuting authority could not have discovered the evidence by the exercise of due diligence due to the failure of Roger Ockomon to file a report of the incident with the prosecuting authority."

Napier told Fox59 News that she could not comment on the on-going investigation due to the possibility that other individuals could be charged.

Martin Ockomon's attorney, Bryan Williams, told Fox59 his client "obviously denies all of this."

Williams said Ockomon believes he knows someone is going after him, but that they "can't go into that now." He said Ockomon is ready to fight back.

"He's in good spirits and ready to clear his name and get on with his life," said Williams.

The case is being investigated by Indiana State Police. Meanwhile, the Anderson Police Department is not making any comments about the investigation.

Mayor Kris Ockomon was the subject of a recent sexual harassment complaint by a city employee.


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