Local organizations mobilize to help keep residents cool


As the temperatures rise to dangerous levels this week, some help is on the way for Hoosiers looking to beat the heat.

The Salvation Army in Indianapolis is opening two cooling centers Thursday for anyone struggling with the hot weather. People can visit the community centers at 4400 N. High School Rd. on the northwest side and at 1337 Shelby St. on the south side from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. through Sunday.

"We just open our doors to whoever needs to come in to get cooled off, to get a cool drink, maybe have some snacks," said Jerry Larsen, Director of Disaster Services.

He is mostly concerned for older folks tight on money.

“They're afraid of expenditures,” Larsen explained. “They'll turn that air off and they may not want to run it. We even have elderly folk who hesitate to use fans if they've got them."

Meals on Wheels is also mobilizing its team of volunteers to be on the lookout for heat exhausted clients.

"This week we're telling (volunteers) to pay extra attention when they deliver meals," said Communications Director Barbara Renshaw. "They need to see if a place seems unusually warm. Do they have fans? Do they seem disoriented? Basically to check on their condition.”

Their condition is usually easy to tell right from their doorstep.

"You can just tell when they're hot, you know, you can either tell in their voice or they're just like, you know, kind of out of it that day," said volunteer Kelly Wright.

The Indianapolis Public Library is also offering cooling station at its 23 locations as well as free activities to help folks keep busy while they cool off.


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