Landscapers look to recover losses through holiday lighting instillation


This year's weather has been difficult on those who work outside.

From the lack of snow last winter to the drought this summer, more and more landscaping companies are now looking at holiday lighting installation as a new way to offset their loss.

Installers come out and put up your exterior holiday lights for you-- they even come back and take them down when the holidays are over.

The cost ranges depending on the size of your display from a couple of hundred dollars all the way up to a couple of thousand dollars.

Landscapers say many of their clients have their lights done for them because of the convenience and many of them also feel better about having a professional installation being done safely.

Landscapers say holiday lighting has helped them get through a tough year when your bottom line relies on the weather.

"It's gonna help a lot. You can't live on it all year, but it definitely helps you get through the winter," says Fred Zimmerman, of Christmas Light Installation Pro.

The weather and the economy have a lot of companies like Salsbery Brothers relying on being diverse.

The company specializes not only in landscaping, but irrigation, gardening and now holiday lights.

"Holiday lighting actually helps us going into the holiday season and carries us a bit towards the end of the year," says Paul Norman of Salsbery Brothers.

Many companies also guarantee their work if a strand of lights burns out they will come back out and fix them for you at no extra charge.


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