Kroger policy prohibited employee from bringing gun in store

Store manager shot and killed a would-be-robber Monday at a northwest side store

Indianapolis, Ind.

According to a Kroger employee handbook, store employees are prohibited from bringing a firearm inside the store.

The information comes after a store manager shot and killed a would-be-robber.

Metro police say Jeremy Atkinson, 26, tried to rob the Kroger near 71st Street and Georgetown Road a little after 6 p.m. Monday.

Witnesses told police, he placed a hard object into the back of female employee. Atkinson then forced the victim to an office area where another employee shot him in the face.

Atkinson was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. He died several hours later.

Kroger released the following statement Tuesday: 

"Kroger is not making any comment until the final internal investigation is completed and we decide how to proceed next.

"We are not commenting on what our gun policy is. That will lead to follow up questions that we can’t answer at this time," said John Elliot, Regional Public Relations Representative for Kroger.

While Kroger has not commented on their policies, Fox59 has obtained information from an employee handbook which partly reads:

At no time are Team members of the Kroger Company to bring firearms, illegal knives, blades or weapons onto the company premises. the presence of a weapon sharply increases the chances of injury to Team Members and Customers.

Store Kroger employees who work at the store told Fox 59 the employee who shot Atkinson was a new manager named Levi Elliott.

A security guard sat outside Elliott's home, Tuesday evening, but would not say who hired him.

Elliott's high school baseball coach said he was a good kid who always stepped up to the plate in a time of need.

"Levi's a guy that would always step forward and get something done whenever it needed to be done," said Brett Motz. "He's always been a quick on his feet type of kid."

Motz believed Elliott made the right decision and hopes his employer would support him too.

"I have no doubt that, you know, that'll take precedence over what may have happened with the firearm on the premises."


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