Family, friends say goodbye to Jenny Haskell

State Fair victim laid to rest

Parker City, Ind.

Family and friends of Jenny Haskell said their final goodbyes at her funeral in Parker City Friday.

The 22-year-old Ball State University Senior was injured in the State Fair stage collapse nearly two weeks ago. This week, she was removed from life support.

Her service was held at her Monroe Central High School's gymnasium and attended by hundreds. Her family wanted it to be a celebration of her life.

A group of her friends wore cargo pants, black button up shirts, and colorful ties in honor of Haskell and what she stood for.

"Jenny was a very proud person. She was proud of who she was and personally she was really inspiring to me," said her friend Stephanie Rion. "It was an honor really to know her. Just to be a part of her life."

Haskell's high school softball coach Andrea Cope added to that sentiment.

"She has touched so many of us with her passion for life, teaching us to never give up on your friends and that anything is possible."

Ball State University president Jo Ann Gora also attended and described Haskell as the kind of student the university hopes for.

"She was certainly a bright and accomplished student," said Gora. "But she was also dedicated and reliable and diligent."

Several people wiped away tears as the song Amazing Grace was played during the service. Haskell's high school classmate Randall Jones said her death was not just a loss for her family, but for the entire community.

"I just feel like we've lost a piece of ourselves," said Jones. "Graduating with a class of 53 students, it was hard not to love and be close to everybody. I grew up with these people. They're my family."

After the service, a long procession followed Haskell's hearse to Muncie where she was buried.


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