Prosecutor's office fights burglars targeting IUPUI students

IMPD investigates three burglaries at 1201 Indiana


The Marion County Prosecutor's office is trying to prevent crime at a newly built downtown apartment building that primarily houses IUPUI students.

1201 Indiana opened in August as a "mixed-use student housing development," according to its website. Since then, at least three burglaries have been reported to Metro Police.

IUPUI students told officers they lost laptops, sunglasses, even text books. One student told Fox59 his items were stolen while he and his roommates were asleep, but admitted they forgot to lock their door.

Some students said they've seen suspicious people outside and inside the property, sometimes jiggling door knobs or car door handles as if to see which ones are unlocked.

The building management company Trinitas alerted students about the crimes and advised them to lock their doors and report any suspicious activity.

Deputy Prosecutor Drew Wignall stopped by the building, Thursday, and handed out crime prevention flyers to students.

"This may be the first time an 18, 19-year-old kid is away from home," said Wignall. "They may not have ever locked a door in their life before."

The flyer tells students to keep their porch lights on, keep their curtains closed at night and to record the serial numbers on their electronics so police have some way to track them if they're ever stolen.

Wignall said the neighborhood is a developing area and students might not be aware of their surroundings. He doesn't believe the incidents are related.

"A lot of it just, I think, is random. People walking down the street may see an opportunity," said Wignall.

Trinitas has added a surveillance system on site and has asked for more police patrols in an effort to deter crime.

No arrests have been made at this time.


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