IPS bus driver denies inappropriate contact with students


A local bus driver who said he was suspended for using Twitter to talk to students told Fox 59 he did nothing wrong.

Reuben Robinson, 22, is contracted through Durham School Services and has been driving an Indianapolis Public Schools bus for about a month.

Last week, he said his supervisors suspended him without pay as they investigate allegations that he used his Twitter account to interact with the students on his bus.

A spokesman for Durham School Services said supervisors hope to complete their investigation later this week, adding that there is a strict company policy that prohibits drivers from interacting with their students outside of work.

Robinson told Fox 59 he was competing in a singing contest and asked his students to vote for him. He handed them a note with directions on how to vote. He said one of those students found him on Twitter.

"One of my students had mentioned me... telling her friends to go vote for him," he explained. "So I re-tweeted it, which means I copied it and put it on my page."

Around that same time, a concerned parent called Fox 59 and complained about Robinson’s Twitter posts. The parent claimed his comments were inappropriate and accused him of using social media to talk to students.

Robinson denied those allegations and said he understands the rules of his job.

"To be honest, I'm offended," he said. "I take my job seriously."

IPS is currently on fall break.


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