Hope residents begin cleaning up from Wednesday's storms

Hope, Ind.

The power is back on in the town of Hope, Ind., after a fast moving and powerful storm rolled through Wednesday night.

Utility crews restored power to the town and residents began cleaning up debris, downed trees and tree limbs Thursday. Even though they are still waiting for official word on the type of storm that came through Hope, Bartholomew County Emergency Management believes strong winds and dry weakened trees from the drought caused the damage.

Many folks said the storm came up quick and was very intense. Fortunately, no major damage was reported.

Alicia West has lived in Hope all her life.

"It was scary. the boys were upstairs and they came running down the stairs and were terrified they said, 'Mom, the whole house is shaking' and I said, 'Well, just come down here' and then the electricity went off and then it got even more scarier."

Police Chief Don Bailey said no injuries were reported and no one was made homeless from the storm damage.

"I mean last night, looked like it was gonna be a horrible thing come daylight and now that they're getting it cleaned up, it's really not as bad as we thought as it was gonna be."

No major structures were affected, but residents will be getting rid of the debris for several days to come.


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