Heavy snow continues to blanket northern counties

A heavy snowfall is accumulating and creating dangerous travel conditions north of Indianapolis


Heavy snow continues to fall over counties north of Indianapolis, as the area remains under a winter weather advisory until 5 a.m. Saturday.

"The farther north you get, the worst it gets," said Chad Bowers as he stopped at a Lafayette gas station to fill up his tank on his way to Ohio.

The significant snowfall hit Lafayette around 8 p.m. Friday, smacking car windows and blanketing streets.

Drivers going both ways on Interstate 65 were doing whatever it took to get to their destinations safely.

"I am going 40 miles an hour... up 65, and everyone can just go around me," said Scott Roby on his way to Chicago. "Meander and get there alive."

Others had an even better idea -- stay in.

"Once I get home, I'm done," laughed Lafayette resident Dawn Shull. "You know, it's winter. We've been lucky so far. Very lucky. You know everybody just needs to take their time and you'll get through."


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