Four cars stolen in rash of carjackings


Metro police officers are looking for two suspects believed to be involved in a string of carjacking incidents around Indianapolis.

The crime spree, police reported, started around 1200 Martin early Thursday morning.

Police said three suspects armed with handguns inside a white Honda pulled up beside a woman driving a blue PT Cruiser and stole her vehicle.

Later that same morning, police responded to another carjacking near 3300 Congress. This time, three armed suspects in a blue PT Cruiser took a blue Impala.

Around 20 minutes later, a Cadillac SUV and an Audi were stolen in the area of 5700 Carrollton.

One of the victims is Breann Gee’s father, whose car was stolen as he drove to work.

"It's just a horrible experience," said Gee. "He's very upset."

Gee told Fox 59, she believes it was all pre-mediated.

"I'm quite sure they were scoping him out. Getting his routine down," said Gee.

Officers later spotted and chased two of the stolen vehicles; one crashed into a northeast side fire hydrant and the other knocked down a stop sign just a few miles away.

Police arrested one suspect and are currently searching for the other two armed men.

"We don't know what these two individuals might try next," said IMPD spokesman Kendale Adams.

Adams advised people keep their doors locked when driving, and use well-lit and well-traveled roads.


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