Group says folks on food stamps struggle year round

Dozens of Hoosiers live a week on food stamps to raise awareness


Food is on the mind of virtually every Hoosier this Thanksgiving, but for some, the thought of food is a struggle throughout the year.

According to the Family and Social Services Administration, there are more than 1 million Hoosiers on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. While it's not supposed to be the primary source of a person's food budget, a lot of people depend on it and if you ask David Sklar, it's not easy.

"You kind of have a constant level of hunger throughout the week," said Sklar.

He is not enrolled in SNAP, but took part in a nationwide 'Food Stamp Challenge' to eat on a food stamp budget for a week. With just $31 a week to spend, Sklar found he wasn't getting the proper nutrition he's used to.

"I was putting things in my cart that I didn't want to put there, sort of that highly processed food that I didn't really want to eat."

FSSA understands the challenges many Hoosiers face.

"FSSA recognizes in these challenging economic times, more and more people are having to stretch their resources even further, so their reliance on SNAP has increased. We have continued to improve our administration of SNAP to ensure benefits are provided accurately and timely," read a statement to Fox 59.

Sklar hopes the program will gain more attention and more funding through the challenge. He said he's already gained more than he expected.

"It was really tough," said Sklar. "Shopping was definitely one of the most eye opening experiences."

More information about the Feeding Indiana's Hungry challenge is available online.


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