Families of five dead respond to person of interest arrest

David Ison, 46, was arrested for a non-related charge and is considered a person of interest in the Franklin Co. murders

Franklin County, Ind.

For the first time, a Franklin County family is speaking out about the person of interest arrested in the death of four loved ones.

On Sunday, police found Roy Napier, his estranged wife Angela Napier, and their two adult children, Jacob and Melissa Napier, shot to death in their home near Laurel. They also found their neighbor, Henry Smith, shot to death in a home across the street.

Police vowed to find the person(s) responsible and on Tuesday night, they took 46-year-old David Ison into custody for an un-related charge as a person of interest.

Fox59 spoke with Josh Napier, the last immediate family member alive, about the arrest Wednesday, outside the family home. He said he was feeding the dogs, cleaning and locking up.

He said he was still so shook up that he was having a hard time speaking about what happened. He asked his girlfriend - and the mother of his child - to speak on his behalf.

"I want this more than my life, for justice to be served," said Sandra, who did not want to reveal her last name.

She said when they found out about the murders, they didn't believe it.

"It was still hard for us to believe until we got here and actually seen what we had to see."

Fox59 asked her if they felt Ison was responsible for the deaths and Sandra replied, "Most definitely. I feel that way.
"He needs to be tortured in every kind of way imaginable."

Josh told Fox59 he is afraid there might be more people involved.

Smith's family is not sure about Ison's involvement, but is speaking out as well about his arrest.

"I hope that this arrest leads to finding out who did this," said Smith's cousin Debora Richardson. "Whether it was this guy or if he knows something about it, that's all I want to happen."

Josh and Sandra told Fox59 they are trying to make funeral arrangements. They said a local church stepped up to cover the funerals, but they found out the pastor was related to Ison and have decided not to take that offer.

Richardson said Smith's family cannot afford a funeral and is considering cremation.

None of the bodies of the victims have been returned to either family yet.


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