Experts say insured will be affected by healthcare changes


The majority of Hoosiers who are insured will likely see a difference in the care they receive and the premiums they pay, according to some healthcare experts.

A total of 87 percent of Indiana residents have health insurance. For most, it can take weeks to see a doctor. Now that healthcare is changing across the country, Dr. Aaron Carroll with the IU School of Medicine said that wait will only increase.

"About 20 percent of Americans already report they have to wait six days or more to see the doctor when they're sick," said Carroll. "If we give tens of millions of people insurance which allows them to go see the doctor more easily and we keep the number of doctors the same, some people may have longer waits."

Keyana Warren, President-Elect of the National Association of Health Underwriters, said there is a good change the cost of healthcare will increase as well.

"Now you're taking on more risk," said Warren. "If the healthy people feel that they don't want to be on the plan, they can just pay a penalty and not take the insurance. And when you lose all the healthy people, well then you have the moderate to high risk people that are on health insurance and so we're not paying enough premium to pay for the claims that are coming through from our health care systems."

She admits, things can still change as the nuts and bolts of the new plan are worked out, but she believes everyone will be affected somehow.

"It's something they really want to educate themselves on," said Warren.


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