Lines stretch outside as voters cast ballots early


Lines to cast a vote stretched outside buildings and around corners days before Election Day as thousands of Hoosiers across central Indiana chose to vote early.

At the City-County building in Indianapolis Friday, the line snaked out the door but moved fairly quickly.

In Hamilton County, the wait time was close to two hours at one point. About 1,600 voters came though on Friday, but elections officials expect 2,500 people on Saturday.

As daunting as the lines looks, early voter turnout in Marion County is down from the last Presidential election. By this time in 2008, 59,848 people had cast their ballots. That number has only reached 39,601 so far this year.

Marion County Clerk Beth White doesn’t believe it’s due to a lower demand. She blames the drop on not having any satellite voting centers this year.

"There's no question they would be higher,” said White. “At this same point in the process in 2008, we were voting 7,000 people a day. We will probably vote about 2,500 in this building today. That's a lot, but it's not 7,000 people."

Marion County resident Eric Wiggins stood outside the City-County building Friday afternoon. Even though he was the last voter in the line when Fox59 caught up with him, he was happy to be waiting now instead of risking an even longer wait time on Tuesday.

“You never know what's going to happen with weather on Tuesday. You never know how many people are going to wait until the last minute," he said.

Early voting hours vary from county to county. In Marion County, people can vote from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. through Sunday. Early voting will be offered Monday, but will close at 12 p.m.

You must present a valid I.D. to vote.


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