Dry spell turns yards yellow, earlier than last year


The dry spell continues across Central Indiana this week, leaving yards yellow and homeowners praying for rain.

Indianapolis resident Bob Badasay said he has to give his plants a heavy dose of water from the hose just to keep them going.

"(I) water about 20-25 minutes every other day," said Badasay. If he doesn't, "It dries up. It dies. It turns red."

Dry, hot weather hit the area early this year.

According to area rain totals since April 1st, Indianapolis is 4.33" below normal. The area has only seen measurable rain five times in the past 32 days. The last time Indianapolis got an inch of rain was May 1st.

Last summer, the dry spell led to water shortages and restrictions across Central Indiana. A spokesperson for Citizens Energy Group told Fox 59, currently there aren’t any concerns about a shortage of water due to lack of rainfall.

However, if the current conditions stay on track, folks like Badashay know that could change. In the meantime, he continues to water and hope for a break.

"We're praying," said Badashay. "We pray every day."


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