Dry spell could put out Fourth of July firework shows


Some Central Indiana Fourth of July fireworks shows could sizzle if the dry spell continues.

Firefighters are paying close attention to the weather as the holiday nears, ready to advise event organizers to call off a show if it is deemed unsafe.

"There's a great concern, especially now that we're in one of the worst dry spells that we've been in," said Jerry Bessler with the Avon/Washington Township Fire Department. "It's a huge public safety issue. It's a huge environment issue."

Bessler showed Fox59 the dry grass at Washington Township Community Park where there is a big Fourth of July fireworks show held each year. He said the dry weather and the winds make it incredibly easy for a tiny firework ember to spark a big blaze.

"With these conditions right now, shooting off fireworks, if they land anywhere here, we can catch the whole park on fire," said Bessler.

Unlike a fireworks show in downtown Indianapolis, Indianapolis Fire Department officials said, there's a higher burn risk for shows in the suburbs where there is a lot more grass and trees.

Many event organizers are considering watering the venue to be safe.

For Avon resident Tatiana Beckler and her friends, missing out on the big fireworks show at Washington Township Community Park would be like missing out on the holiday itself.

"If there's no fireworks, there's no Fourth of July," said Beckler.

Bessler said many organizers won't make a decision until the day of the event. Whatever happens, he hopes folks will understand.


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