Drivers use loyalty programs to lower high gas prices

Indianapolis, Ind.

Drivers are doing whatever they can to combat high gas prices in the wake of reports we could see gas above $4.00/gallon this summer.

Loyalty programs like the one Kroger affiliated gas stations are becoming very popular especially when prices spike.

Currently the national average is $3.42/gallon, one month ago it was $3.35/gallon, and a year ago it was $3.16/gallon.

The trend is the same in Indiana where average prices have increased from $3.12/gallon one year ago to $3.46 today.

According to, the highest price in Indianapolis is $3.69/gallon at a station on the near east side.

The lowest is $3.09/gallon at Sam's Club on the north side. That member-only price is something many people are taking advantage of to reduce the pain at the pump.

Petroleum analysts say folks are also signing up for loyalty programs.

Some gas stations are selling gift cards that take a few dollars off the average fill-up.

Grocery store chains like Kroger offer reward programs to customers, selling gas at a discounted rate in exchange for a certain amount of groceries purchased.

Kroger says customers can save up to a dollar per gallon.

There are even some websites like My Gallons allow drivers to pre-purchase gas at a "locked-in" price.

This concept is something airlines and school districts have been doing for quite some time, but now regular customers can take advantage of the same plan.



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