Customers claim local eBay store scammed them of their Apple products

Greenwood, Ind.

Promises were made, but the clients of an eBay store in Greenwood, Ind. said they have not seen any results. The customers said they brought in iPads, iPods and iPhones for repair but they were never fixed.

Searching through eBay, Chuck Dixon of Phoenix, Ariz. found the perfect guy to fix his broken iPad-- a guy in Greenwood, Ind. by the name of Jason Leaver.

Little did Dixon know, once he shipped the device to Indiana, it would never come back.
Dixon said Leaver told him his dad got sick so he got behind on the work but that he'd send Dixon’s iPad back. Dixon said that was weeks ago and he is still waiting. 

"We really were reasonable in trying to give this the benefit of the doubt as much as possible, but he's been nothing but dishonest with us,” said Dixon. “It's just really frustrating."

Dixon said dozens of other people started complaining too.

"We all had similar experiences,” said Dixon. “What started off okay and then the contact just stopped."

Fox59 went to Leaver’s home to get some answers, but no one answered the door.
Greenwood detective Eric Klinkowski said he has spoken to Lever, but he said he cannot do anything because there is no crime.

“I don't believe there's any criminal intent on his part," said Klinkowski.

Instead, it’s a case of buyer beware. He said the whole thing turned into a civil matter when Dixon and other customers accepted a refund for services from eBay.

"When a third party refunds even a portion of the money to the plaintiff or victim, what ends up happening is that third party actually becomes a victim,” said Klinkowski. “Unless they complain to us, there's not much we can do for them."

So now Dixon and the others will have to take it to civil court.

However it happens, Dixon said he just wants his iPad back.


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