Couple terrorized in series of violent attacks

Elwood, Ind.

A couple terrorized in a series of violent attacks that included finding a bomb, is speaking out in hopes of finding the person or persons responsible.

David and Amy Hartman told Fox59 News it started in March when their car was set on fire. One week later, their home garage went up in flames.

"(I) looked out the garage window and this whole north wall was nothing but a blaze of nasty flames," said David Hartman.

The couple moved out and hoped the attacks would stop, but not long after, Amy Hartman said someone threw acid on her as she walked into work.

"All of a sudden, he ran up to me, threw this cup of some kind of caustic liquid in my face," she said. "It burned hot."

Scared for their lives, the Hartman's went into hiding with relatives in Anderson, but that didn't last long.

"They found out where we was at and put a bomb in my brother's backyard. And now my family's scared, they won't help us. We've got no place to live," he said.

Elwood Police Chief Sam Hanna told Fox59 the events are connected, but the department doesn't have any suspects.

He added that investigators recently received new information that might turn into leads in the near future.

The Hartman's don't have a clue who is after them and they are terrified of what's around the corner.

"(It's) very scary not knowing what's coming. I mean it's pretty horrifying," said Amy Hartman.


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