The Colts defensive players left from the old regime are using every moment possible, including lunch breaks, to get used to the teams new scheme under first year head coach Chuck Pagano. The Horseshoes moving from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4, which has many seasoned veterans asking a lot questions about terminology.

"We've been working really hard, just trying to get the basics in and the guys are really responding and the coaches are coaching well. It's just been fun," said linebacker Pat Angerer

"From a secondary standpoint coverage is coverage. If you've been playing a long time you've seen every type of coverage it's just a matter of learning this type of language," said corner back Jerraud Powers.

Thankfully, there's few new Colts that can help with the lingo. The Horseshoes picked up a number of former Ravens that were coached by Pagano including defensive end Cory Redding who spent two years with him in Baltimore.

"Alot of guys ask me, riding in the car on the way to Subway, sitting in the cafeteria - Hey man how is Chuck? How is his system? How do you guys do this? How was practice? So they're asking all the questions that I can answer because I've been with Chuck," said Redding.

Aside from Redding the Colts also signed former Ravens defensive lineman Brand McKinney & safety Tom Zbiokowski.