Everything is off script this year.

The quarterback, the record, the personell, and even the typical tendancies of a conservative franchise often hell bent on its ways.

But with an 0-11 record all is possible in 2011, even going against traditional ways of thought.

Hence why the Colts did that on their off day, firing defensive coordinator Larry Coyer midseason in an unusual move for the often "stick to their guns" franchise.

"This is the best decision, and the best time for us to make a change and make something happen," said Caldwell of the move on Tuesday. "We waited to take a look at different situations, we had two weeks to prepare for this particular game, and thus here we are.

"So we’re looking at the future now, obviously, of trying to make certain that we look forward. Talking about the future, the immediate future of this next game coming up this weekend, we’ve got to get ready to go.”

Mike Murphy, the linebackers coach of 14 years for the Colts, will be the one to do so on defense against the Patriots. Coyer was brought in before the 2009 season in hopes of adding a more aggressive kick to the team's Cover 2 defense.

Instead the team routinely ranked in the bottom half of the league, finishing 18 and 20th in his first two years and sliding to 29th in 2011. During the 11 losses this season, the Colts are giving up a league-high 29.7 points per game which included a franchise-record 62 in a week 7 loss to the Saints.

Caldwell is banking that a change of defensive coordinators could help to bolster the team, more from an energy standpoint than strategy.

“Obviously, it’s going to be very, very difficult to say you’re going to see a wholesale change in three days. But I do think that you’re going to see effort, hustle and good, sound principles and practices, and football in the way in which we know how to play," said Caldwell of the move. "We just expect to be better in all areas.

"Now that’s going to take, like I said, it’s going to take us a little time.”

A similar statement could be made for the second major move by the Colts on the day: The promotion of Dan Orlovsky to starting quarterback over Curtis Painter. Though he praised Painter for some improvement against Carolina on Monday, Caldwell again used the same logic with the Coyer firing with the Painter demotion.

"Much of the same thing, after evaluation and taking a real good look at it, I think Curtis had a couple of weeks to really get it under his belt. We had two solid weeks in terms of our off-week, and then going into the ballgame," said Caldwell of the quarterback change. "He did some things better, but overall, obviously,(it was) not quite what we were looking for."

So in comes Orlovsky, who has the odd connection of being on the 2008 Detroit Lions team that lost all 16 games. He has appeared in the fourth quarter in two of the last three games, throwing for 122 yards in the losses to the Falcons and the Jaguars.

"I think he’s a guy that certainly is comfortable within the framework of the system," said Caldwell of Orlovsky. "I think he is a guy that’s also been around the league awhile, so he’s able to adjust and adapt to different sort of systemic problems that you may have or see from a defense (when they) give you different looks."

More importantly, they hope a different quarterback will finally give them a different result in the most unusual of seasons.