This time last year Andrew Luck and the rest of the Colts rookies were wrapping up their final week of the college football regular season. In 2012 the schedule is much different, the NFL season extends into the final week of December and that doesn't include the playoffs.

"I think it’s the proverbial rookie wall as they call it. I realize that I’m not allowed to feel it (laughs) especially with where this team is right now, what’s at stake. It’s been alright to this point. I think it would be a disservice to teammates if I started feeling sorry for myself, down and what not. It’s easy when you know what’s at stake. Games are big. It’s not too hard to get up for it and get prepared for it,” said rookie quarterback Andrew Luck.

"I started two weeks ago harassing them about the rookie wall and what to expect. It’s more of a mental fatigue than a physical fatigue. They’re all doing a good job of taking care of their bodies right now. They’re running fast and doing those things. It’s the mental grind, and this is when the big boys play, December. What you did in November doesn’t mean a dag gone thing, it’s what you do in December that they remember," said Interim Head Coach Bruce Arians.

The Colts have eight rookies in their base offense. With all the snaps they've been getting the first year players are already well beyond their label. So much so that a rookie was named captain twice this season. The latest coming this week in tight end Dwayne Allen. If the grind does get to them the rookies know veterans are there to lend a hand.

"The veterans are definitely a source to go to if you hit a rookie wall because they’ve obviously been there before and know what to do,” said rookie running back Vick Ballard.

“You kind of hit that wall every year because it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. You just have to tell the guys to have a routine and stick through it. Just stay on top of the details,” said linebacker Robert Mathis.

The rookies and veterans share one major thing in common, they'll both be working on Thanskgiving. The Colts will hold an early morning practice on Thursday so players can spend time with family and friends in the evening.