Caught on camera: Suspect fires gun at store clerk


Metro Police are searching for a group of suspects, after one of them was caught on surveillance video firing a gun at a gas station clerk.

It happened at the Phillips 66 gas station on North Franklin Road early Friday morning.

Video from the store's security cameras showed three teens making purchases just before 2 a.m. The station's supervisor, J. Singh, said they were also watching the clerk count some cash in the drawer.

Then, Singh said, the teens went outside and "made a plan." He said two of the boys stayed outside to keep watch, while their friend stepped back in to do the dirty work.

"He looks around and he pulls the gun out of his pocket. Bam one time and then the second time," said Singh. "That kid wasn't scared."

Fortunately for the clerk, both shots hit a bulletproof glass window.

"If he didn't close the window, he would've been dead," said Singh, who added the clerk was physically unhurt. "It's a life changing moment when someone shoots at you."

The teens ran away without stealing anything. Investigators were able to get a good description of them from Singh's surveillance video.

A woman who called 911 told officers she saw five boys running behind her neighbor's house. She said they left in a black older model four door car.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.


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