Arrest made after alleged threat to Whiteland Community High School

Whiteland, Ind.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department made an arrest Thursday, after a Whiteland Community High School 16-year-old sophmore made a threat against another student at the high school.

Whiteland police started their investigation after being tipped off by staff at Franklin High School.

The Whiteland Police Chief Gary Neeman told Fox59 early Friday morning the incident started when two girls got into a shoving match after school. After, a threat was made by the 16-year-old girl. Another student overheard the threat and texted what was said to their friend, a student at Franklin High School.

Franklin High School contacted authorities, who were able to track down the 16-year-old through cell phone records. The student who made the threat was arrested and later released into parental custody.
The Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation sent out an automated message around 9:30 Thursday, stating a threat was made but it was under control.

Two extra police officers are on the school’s campus Friday, which they say is procedure. 

Some parents kept their kids home from school.  However, students Fox59 spoke with say they believe the campus is safe.

School Superintendent Kevin Caress says his own daughter is at Whiteland Community High School Friday and says he is confident the school is safe.


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