Armed robbery victims call arrests a "miracle"

IMPD arrested five teens for robbing deaf victims at gunpoint


Indianapolis Metro Police officers arrested three 17-year-olds and two 18-year-olds in connection with an armed robbery on the city's east side, late Tuesday.

Police said a detective was driving northbound on North German Church Road at Bear Hollow Drive when he noticed three young men running towards a green Chevy Blazer parked along the road.

The men got into the truck and pulled into a Marsh store less than a mile away. The detective called for backup and conducted a traffic stop. Officers said they found a gun, two packets of what appeared to be marijuana and two purses inside the vechicle.

Within minutes, police received a 911 call about an armed robbery at a home on Bear Hollow Drive. Three victims, including Brenda Maier, told police they had just pulled up to her driveway when two men approached their car.

"Two young men came with a gun on one side of the car and one on the other side," said Jerold Maier.

He said one man held a gun up to Brenda's head, then reached down and grabbed her purse. Another man took her friend's purse. None of the victims could call out for help, because they were deaf.

"I came out (of the house) and they were crying," said Jerold Maier. "Oh, they were really shook up."

The Maiers can't believe a detective just happened to be passing by and caught the suspects.

"It's like a miracle," said Jerold Maier.

He believes the teens might have targeted his wife and her friends because they are deaf. Now, he and his neighbors are banding together to keep an eye on each other and to deter any other criminals.


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