Missing toddler found sleeping in vacant north side apartment

Crews searched neighborhood around 42nd & Millersville Road for missing boy


A young child who disappeared from a north side apartment early Thursday morning has been found safely.

Authorities responded to the scene after the young child's mother woke up and noticed her 2-year-old son, Henry Thompson, was missing.

According to the child's mother, the child was sleeping in bed with her when she woke up and noticed him missing at approximately 2:45 a.m.

She immediately searched the home and found the front door open.

"Something told me to get up so I got up and the next thing I know is I hit the front door the first thing I went to was the front door, because I know he likes going outdoors and he was gone he was just gone," said mother Rebecca Thompson.

First responders teamed up to search the surrounding area for the young boy.

The toddler was found safe at approximately 6:45 a.m., sleeping inside a locked vacant apartment in the same building from which he went missing.

Police said all the occupied apartments were searched, but police said for those apartments where nobody answered, they had to use a key to gain entry.  It was then that police located the boy in one of those apartments.

"He was just right upstairs in a vacant apartment and I’m glad I got my baby back," said Thompson.

IMPD is investigating the incident further.  


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