Frustration of 48 hours earlier seemed to have turned to the optimism of what might come 48 hours later.

Maybe it was just the celebatory mood of the nearly 500 people that stopped to a unique birthday party with players soon to have the lock on themselves opened.

It was just Thursday that some players voiced their displeasure at the CBA just ratified by owners, venting their frustrations over the air and also on Twitter.

Those seemed far from the mind of Robert Mathis, who had a more positive and straight forward approach to the near end of the NFL work stoppage.

"Time to go to work, but until  its officially done, we've still got to play the waiting game," said Mathis of the proposed labor deal that could end the NFL Lockout at the Colby and Cate's 9th Annual Birthday Bash in Westfield.

Its a celebration for two children in the Lutz family of Westfield that helps to raise money for Riley Hospital, an idea that spawned when the family found themselves giving away most of the toys they would receive for the birthday.

"Over the course of the day we'll probably have over a thousand people," said Matt Lutz, whose event has raised around 150,000 dollars for Riley Hospital the past ten years.

Mathis was one of the big gets for the event, as he signed autographs with fellow Colts players Jamie Silva and Cody Glenn. Former players Bill Brooks, Ken Dilger, Ray Donaldson, Mark Catano and others were also alongside as the meet and greeting a large group of football fans on Saturday. 

While that was going on, reports began to circulate that a meeting could be called by DeMaurice Smith to vote on the new CBA as early as Monday. That, however, is still unconfirmed, so Mathis and the other players are left to weigh the proposal which they get by email and move forward accordingly.

"Its the ugly business side of the sports," said Mathis of the waiting for the new CBA. "Once the business side is taken care of, we can get back to what we do and love and that's playing football."

Sliva is another one of those players hoping for a quick resolution so he can take care of getting a new contract along with getting his injured knee rehabbed. He like Mathis took many questions about the lockout and is hoping they might fade away in the next couple of days.

"I'm pretty sick of the lockout questions and everything so I'm happy for all this to be over soon," said Silva.