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Happiness, sadness, frustration and anger. Call it the four emotional horseman of the NFL Lockout, and they were riding furiously through the internet world in the minutes and hours of the NFL owners meetings on Thursday.

When the cheers rung out inside the board room at the Atlanta airport Marriott, the initial emotions of excitement were tempered a bit by some players who saw differences in the proposal the owners signed and the one presented to them.

"Hope this helps: Owners voted on their own cba without letting players look at it and took the liberty of making it a big tv deal was a chess move 2 get fans on the NFLPA b/c it seems like NFL is making breakneck efforts 2 get it done when we havn't seen anything yet," said Colts defensive end Robert Mathis on his account RobertMathis98.

There were others like the spreading around from players, who decided not to immediately vote on the deal before taking a closer look. Perhaps that would seem like a problem for the Colts owner Jim Irsay and general manager Chris Polian-each who were in Atlanta hammering out the deal this week.

But in the end, its just apart of a lengthy list of things as the locks come off the National Football League's doors for the first time in nearly five months.

"Were getting up right against it now where we start talking about hours not days," said Irsay of the work left to be done before the Colts begin the 2011 season. "We really want to get a full preseason."

That's where the issues start, most notably with the site of the training camp, which tenatively set for Anderson University as it was in 2010.  An agreement was only signed for a year because of possibility of a long labor standoff and now things must be finalized to bring it back again.

"That's a little bit unresolved," said Polian of the camp location-but there is also the prospect of who will be there.

When it comes to roster, it begins with Peyton Manning who not only needs a contract but has a neck that needs attention. A report in the Indianapolis Star on Wednesday said that Manning would not be able to participate through most, though Irsay takes a more positive approach to the prognosis of his All-Pro quarterback.

"There's a lot of work to be done in terms of Peyton, I'm hopeful of getting a long term deal done in a couple of weeks and hopeful that his neck will keep progressing," said Irsay of Manning. "We have sometime before the opener and I think once he gets back in and gets in with doctors and trainers were hopeful there's going to be some really good progress there.

"He can be ready when Houston comes."

Then there is the issue of undrafted free agents, which has been a key to the Colts success over the past decade. Not only will they have to sign them but also get the draft picks up to speed before camp begins at the beginning of August.

"We planned a little bit before the draft, a little extra work before the draft and we hope that pays off now," said Polian of the undrated free agents. "Certainly going to be a great oppoturnity for anyone that comes in, its gonna be the same, its going to be an opportunity to win jobs and get a career started on the right foot."

Once the season begins there is the issue of Super Bowl XLVI, which will be hosted in Indianapolis for the first time. Its an event that still remains over a half a year away, giving Irsay and the city plenty of time to put the lockout past them.

Polian believes that the Colts strong fan support will not only help the team get through an unusual start to the season but also keep the momentum strong till February.

"The support we've had from our fans, not only this spring but our run in Indy its been tremendous," said Polian of the fans and the Super Bowl. "We've been very fortunate to have the 12th man we have and we're looking forward to being a great host."