Her future is cloudy, yet clear at the same time.

Standing in her high school alma mater's gym on Tuesday afternoon, instucting a few players at her first ever camp, Katie Gearlds is unsure what one part of her life's sports has to hold.

"I probably want to play for three or four more years," said Geralds of her career, which is at a bit of a crossroads.

After tearing her ACL nine months ago, Gearlds has her WNBA rights held by the Seattle Storm but is not currently on their roster. She has one more year on her deal with the Storm-who would have first rights to her should she return to the WNBA.

In the meantime, Gearlds wil be playing professional basketball in Spain while trying to keep herself viable as a player in the game.

"I still feel like I'm young enough to keep playing a little bit longer," said Gearlds, but her after basketball plans are as solid as ever.

Along with helping to give back to the area that embraced her strongly during her playing career with the Hornets, Gearlds has begun her camp in hopes of learning the ropes of coaching. Often on Tuesday she expressed her interest to take a place on the bench and teach players the game once her time on the floor is finished.

"I want to coach collegiately and I want to be the head coach," said Gearlds of her ultimate goals. "Just start low division and work my way up to a major division one day."

Gearlds knows all about that, having enjoyed a standout career at Purdue from 2003-2007 which made her a first round draft pick of the Storm after her senior year.

To get to back to the college level in a different role, however, Gearlds begins with younger children who are just learning the game as she did in her youth. The age range at Beech Grove this week goes as young as five to players in their teens while providing the player with some idea of what its like to coach.

"Basic fundamentals, a lot of dribbling, a lot of passing," said Gearlds of what she teaches the players. "If there is one thing I know what to do is shoot. I'm trying to break down their shots, and teach them how to shoot the ball."