Don't call him a tour guide, just an educated veteran.

We'll, that might be a little premature. The thought of Chris Thomas acting as a temporary educator for currently unemployed professional basketball players.

But with NBA players left without salaries during the lockout, going overseas to Europe and Asia has become a viable option. Its been endorsed by player's association representative Billy Hunter and has been considered by a number of players including former Pacers forward Ron Artest.

Deron Williams did one better on Friday, singing with Besiktas is Turkey-going so far as to post his signature on the contract with the club on his Twitter account .

"It's definitely different, you have to be cut out for it," said Thomas, who now could be considered an expert on the overseas subject.

Since leaving Notre Dame at the end of the 2005 season, the former Pike High School guard has been spending his time playing in Europe. He has split his time between teams in Spain and Poland, with six seasons under is belt is considered to be a well tenured veteran American player in the foreign game.

"You have to take advantage of the situation, the opportunity that you get," said Thomas of his time overseas.

He started off with the Fabriano Basket team in Italy then a little time with Maroussi in Greece. Spain was his next stop for three seasons with the teams CB Murcia and Fuenlabrada before he signed with Anwil Wloclawek.

Thomas played there the last two seasons, where he says learning the nuances of the game on the court was the simple part of the experience.

"Traveling, being away from family and friends," said Thomas of what he had to adjust to the most overseas. "I've enjoyed the experience, I've still got a couple of more years left. Everything that I've learned there has really come back and helped me in life.

"It's really a blessing to have been able to play this long."

Such a stay will not be on the minds of Williams, Artest should he go, or any of the other players that might decide to turn a long lockout into a business venture.

It certainly is on the minds of a few NBA players who are taking part in the Indy Pro Am at IUPUI with the prospects of a long drawn out lockout continuing to take shape. 

"You think about it from time-to-time, you never know what the lockout is going to affect," said Clippers guard Eric Gordon of the prospect of playing overseas. "You never know how long its (the season) going to be affected by.

"Hopefully its settled sometime soon."

Playing alongside Gordon on the light blue team during the Pro Am, Thomas has this simple advice for those who might decide to make the jump.

"I would just tell them to come in with a good attitude," said Thomas-who knows a thing or two about what works on different continents.