A summer of flashbacks continued Friday night on a day not so different from four years ago.

It was then that Muncie Central's Ryan Kerrigan was ending his high school career officially as a one of the North-South All-Stars. The appearance came just a few weeks before beginning his career as a defensive lineman with Purdue.

Kerrigan's performance in that era facilitated the blast from the past on Friday at North Central High School, with the now Washington Redskin defensive end received the Raybold Distinguished Player Award during halftime of this year's North-South game.

"That's hard to believe that it was four years ago," said Kerrigan. "Seems like just yesterday I was out there playing."

We'll figuratively that's they way it is for Kerrigan when it comes to West Lafayette, where he ended a strong four-year career with a first team All-American nomination in 2010. It led to his being drafted by the Redskins with the 16th pick in the first round of the draft-but the NFL Lockout has left him to being a West Lafayette resident again.

"It's like I never left college," said Kerrigan. "I'm still working out there, still see a lot of the game guys every day."

Without access to Redskins training facilities due to the rules of the lockout, Kerrigan continues to use the Purdue football facilities to get ready for a rookie season that remains on hold.

"It's kinda weird, because I thought that I would be in an NFL camp by now but, you know, that's not the case," said Kerrigan. "Hopefully the labor situation gets resolved sooner than later."

A strong week of negotiations between the league and player's union point to that happening as such, but when resolved it will bring with it a quick crash course of learning the formations and ways of the Redskins.

His high pick along with Washington's need for defensive help will likely warrent a key role for Kerrigan early in the season.

"Whatever's asked of me I have to do that and then some," said Kerrigan of his start with the Redskins. " Especially as a rookie, I don't know the ropes yet and I've got to learn and I've got to learn fast."