The differences our as obvious as they might seem.

Butler's an eight-seed now instead of a four as they were in 2010. They come in as a quasi-underdog instead of a competitive favorite as the were a year ago.

Of course, they'll go to New Orleans this time instead Salt Lake City.

"Every trip is unique," said Butler head coach Brad Stevens of this year's trip to the Sweet 16, which is the fifth in schools history.

This Sweet 16 will begin with fourth-seeded Wisconsin at 9:57 P.M. at the New Orleans Arena on Thursday night, and is preceeded by the matchup between BYU and Florida.

Such an event was new for the team last year, when the Bulldogs beat top seeded Syracuse and then second-seeded Kansas State in Utah on the way to the Final Four. Having been through it just 12 months ago gives the team a bit of an edge as the prepare for the tournament again.

"We know what to expect once we get down there," said Shelvin Mack of the Sweet 16. "You've got to compete hard, you know you've got to get you proper rest to be able to have success at this level."

Its the scheduling part that helps Stevens, including everything from media sessions to practice and traveling.

"We know how to say 'Ok, on Monday after the Sweet 16, we play Thursday, lets have a media session for 30 minutes, here's when we need to do practice, here's when we have to fly out," said Stevens of the scheduling. "Here are the things that we have to do to handle all those things. Otherwise it might be a little bit of a circus for those who haven't been there before."

How Butler is getting things done compared to a year ago is a bit different according to Matt Howard-and he's a prime example. After using a a strong defense to hold all but one opponent under 60 points during last year's tournament, Howard has hit a game winning putback and free throw in two offensive victories over Old Dominion and Pittsburgh.

"Each win, we were winning on the defensive end," said Howard of the 2010 tournament run. "This time we've had to win both on the offensive end. In that way it's different, but it still feels great moving on."