The well wishers lined up an hour before, and were hoping to talk at least a bit of racing with an Indiana stock car legend.

Even if they did bring his old open wheel racing car to sign as well.

For the fans who lined up outside and eventually made their way in and through JD Byrider in Greenwood were eager to ask Tony Stewart about the good and the bad of his early NASCAR Sprint Cup season.

Though it really isn't that bad.

Stewart had to settle for second in Las Vegas despite a dominant race car but earned enough points to take the lead in the Sprint Cup standings.

"Its hard to evaluate really where your at after a couple of races," said Stewart. "Vegas was a weekend where we felt like it would give us an idea of what we've got upcoming for the year and we had a really good day there.

"I'm really, really proud of what the guys have done over the winter."

While he'll continue to work with those guys as the summer approaches, there is another event that has already peaked the interest of Stewart. Earlier this month, Stewart will participate in a seat-swap with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, stepping into a machined from the European series for the first time.

It will happen on at Watkins Glen in June, when Hamilton will step into Stewart's Chevrolet stock car and then he will take Hamilton's Vodafone McLauren Mercedes for a spin.

"I'm going to get to realize a dream of getting to race an F1 car finally," said Stewart of the opportunity, which he said was orchestrated by his sponsor Mobile 1.

The swap was done once before at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway back in 2003, when then F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya switched cars with NASCAR's Jeff Gordon. Each took turns taking spins around the speedway's road course amid plenty of camera and international attention.

Stewart doesn't know if this seat swap will generate as much attention, but the opportunity figures to be a unique chapter in his racing career.

"It's gonna be fun to get into an F1 car, a car I've never driven before, get a chance to run a portion at Watkins Glen that we've never been on, we'll run the full course," said Stewart. "That will be a little different, I haven't even been to that section of the track, so I don't know what it look like.

"But that's gonna be a cool day to drive a car thats got that much technology behind it."