Every afternoon when I leave my apartment to head into work, I realize the pathway to my car is littered more and more with brown, tan, and orange colored leaves. Meaning only three things:

1. It's time for Halloween candy, so make sure to schedule your dentist appointment in early November.

2. It's almost my birthday (Nov. 12th), so anything you'd like to buy a soon-to-be twenty-five year-old, send it over to 6910 Network Place, Indianapolis, Indiana.

3. It's time for meaningful football.

Not that any of the previous eight weeks weren't meaningful, but Friday night could very well be the last home-game for a majority of the seniors across the State, a conference title could be on the line, and crucial momentum riding into the post-season will be on the line tomorrow night.

For many it will be an emotional night, for some it will mean trying to get rid of all the kinks before finishing up the regular season, and for others, it will be the chance to leave a legacy to be long-remembered at your school.

As for me, I'm just trying to think how we all of a sudden warp-speed to the end of the regular season!

Now I've changed up the Pick Six this week, and mostly for good reason. There are over thirty football games on Friday night that will decide the fate of a conference championship. That's right, OVER THIRTY.

Since I've always attempted to make this a state-wide article, I'm not going to get into the business of deciding what conference title is more important than another, so I've decided to list every game in the state that will leave kids singing "We Are the Champions" at the end of the night.

Next Friday we'll be back to business as normal with just six games and scientific break-downs of each, but until then, try to enjoy at least one of these many games.

1. Fishers (6-2) vs. Brownsburg (7-1), McCutcheon (2-6) vs. Hamilton Southeastern (7-1), and Zionsville (5-3) vs. Avon (7-1) - Hoosier Crossroads Conference

2. Milan (7-1) vs. Triton Central (4-4) - Mid-Indiana Football

3. Leo (8-0) vs. Bluffton (3-5) - Allen County Athletic

4. Center Grove (5-3) vs. Warren Central (8-0) - Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference

5. Boonville (7-1) vs. Mount Carmel (6-1) - Big Eight Conference

6. Madison-Grant (5-3) vs. Mississinewa (7-1) - Central Indiana Conference

7. Chesterton (4-4) at Merrillville (5-3) - Duneland Athletic Conference

8. Hammond Gavit (4-4) at Hammond Morton (7-1) - Great Lakes Athletic

9. West Lafayette (8-0) at Lafayette Central Catholic (8-0) - Hoosier