Matt Howard wants to continue to improve his ball handling skills, so he is seeking advice from former team mate, Shelvin Mack.

Both players are currently in Indianapolis, so each have found time to meet up and work on certain aspects of their game. For Howard, his hands need to be quicker, and his perimeter game needs to improve, especially if he plans on getting picked up by an NBA team after going undrafted in 2011.

"One of the things that I've been working on is working with Shelvin," he said. "And what that does is you work on your ball handling and you work on your shooting some more."

Howard said working on his outside game isn't the only thing he and Mack have been working on, he said he still takes time to fine tune every part of his game as well.

With the NBA lockout having no end in sight, Howard is put in a tough situation. The lockout leaves a lot of uncertainty to whether he should wait out the lockout and hope for best, or head overseas and play like some NBA players are planning to do.

"Right now (I'm) just trying to weigh the offers I have been getting, try to make the best decision with what's coming in," Howard said on his decision. "Obviously it's a really unique situation with the lockout, so you have to think outside you ever thought before."

Mack's situation is a little different than Howards. Mack was drafted by the Washington Wizards in the second round of the draft, but like Howard, he has nowhere to go. So he's staying and working out where he feels the most comfortable, back on the home court of the Butler Bulldogs.

"I've been over at Butler working out with the coaches," Mack said when asked how he's staying busy. "Me and Matt (are) just trying to get better each day."

Mack said that his game can always improve, and playing open gyms with guys like Howard back at their alma mater is helping him do just that.

The NBA schedule was released Tuesday afternoon, and Mack admitted he hasn't had time to dissect it game by game yet. He did however say that he has glanced at the Wizard's schedule and said a couple games caught his eye.

Having to play the "Big Three" from the Miami Heat was the first thing to come out of his mouth.

"We're going to play Miami four or five times, the Hawks four or five times, the Bobcats and the Magic," he said. "So that is kind of unique."