Forget the hangover, the party never really happened.

A grand celebration for an AFC South championship for the second consecutive year was appreciated but tempered for the Colts on Sunday night.

Future business, you see, its quickly approaching in their future.

"Ours don't last very long," said head coach Jim Caldwell of the Colts taking time to revel in their division title after a three-point win over the Titans. "I do know for a fact that there was one guy over here watching film already last night after the game was over with getting ready for our next opponent.

"That's typically how it works around here."

Indeed the Colts have little time to prepare for the New York Jets, who will visit Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday night for the opening round of the 2010 NFL Playoffs. The scheduling itself shortens the schedule an extra week and the Jets actually finished with a better record (11-5) than the Colts (10-6).

New York will come to town with the third best defense in the NFL, allowing 291 yards a game and just 19 points a contest. Their rushing offense is one of the best in the NFL, as LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene have helped them to rush for 148 yards per game.

"This is the playoffs, this is what your work for and it certainly is the beginning of the second season," said Caldwell. "Now you feel everything kicks up a notch or two."

It not like it's something new to the team. The Colts victory on Sunday put them into the NFL playoffs for a ninth consecutive season-and for the seventh time in that stretch they will host a home game to begin their road to the Super Bowl.

But getting to that spot has been a much different chore for this Colts team, who had to play till the end to finally get into the playoffs. At 6-6, the Colts were faced with the prospect of four must-win games to end the season-three of which came against divisional opponents.

Indeed the Colts righted the ship after three consecutive losses, beating Tennessee on the road, then Jacksonville at home, then surviving a trip to Oakland the day after Christmas followed by another win over the Titans Sunday.

While hesistant to dwell on the recent past, Caldwell continued to praise his team's resolve one of the more stressful months for the team over the past decade.

"No question about it," said Caldwell about praising his team for their recent efforts. "It shows obviously the great commitment and resolve that our men had. Going out on the field in certainly some adverse situations and being able to overcome it. We were at a point there where we were 6-6.

"The great thing about it is that we had really control of our own destiny. They took the challenge and said 'Hey, lets do something about it and we'll string four together, that's what we've got to do.'"

Praise for the turnaround can go many ways. The improvement of the offensive rushing game and the defense's ability to stop it was a critical factor, as each solidified themselves after an inconsistent first 12 weeks.

Peyton Manning interception problems also were cured, as he was picked off just twice in the final four games-both coming in the second half against the Raiders. Caldwell, however, was quick to say that the quarterback's problems were not as strong as perceived, but rather the 11 interceptions in three games were due to a combination of issues.

"There were a lot of other players who were struggling or didn't run the route right, protection scheme broke where he couldn't throw the ball where he wanted to, things of that nature, so I didn't see as much of a struggle as you all see," said Caldwell of Manning. "He's playing like he usual plays, he's steady, he's accurate, he does a good job of getting the checks we want to get into and helps us put points on the board,