In the weeks leading up to the NFL Draft in late April, Ethan Johnson
got a chance to see what a miracle looked like.

Shut out of the NFL Combine in late February because of an
injury-ravaged senior season and bumped from Notre Dame's own Pro Day
to attend to what he terms "a family medical emergency," Johnson
headed to Florida hoping to develop a plan that would somehow create a
back door onto an NFL roster.

That the former Irish defensive end started organized team activities
(OTAs) with the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday was not what he
considered the miracle, though Johnson did wonder after missing Pro
Day if he'd ever get a chance to try on his dream.

The real marvel was a cancer patient Johnson met while training in
Jacksonville, Fla., with childhood friend and personal trainer David
Kampfe Jr.

Kampfe's mother, Eileen, is a master herbalist whose work includes
treating eight cancer patients.

"A person she started working with in November had three stage 4
cancers," Johnson said. "The doctors told her she only had six months
to live. So the cancer patient went to Eileen at her Wellness Center.