Saints fans are bouncing to a new hip-hop beat, "Free Sean Payton". It's an anthem fighting Coach Sean Payton's recent 1-year suspension handed down by the NFL.

26-year old rapper, 5 Star and his brother T-Bone released the track one week ago.  The reception has been huge.

Football fans aren't the only ones who've picked up on the tune's catchiness.  Local radio stations are playing the song.

Power 102.9's, "Herc-@-Werc" said listeners are liking the "Free Sean Payton" song.  5 Star said it's all about showing Coach Payton support.

"The city of New Orleans looks at the Saints as part of the family and when a family member is down you don't forget about them.  You still love them," he said.

Whether it be through the power of music or sporting a "Free Sean Payton" t-shirt, or even holding a rally it's very clear fans want their coach back.

"Sean Payton brought the Saints up from nothing," Maria Holmes said.

"I don't think the NFL took it into real serious consideration.  They just did what they felt,"  Henderson Cockerham said.

5 Star believes his song is making an impact in the Who Dat Nation.

"I'm pretty sure Coach Payton's heard the song, and if he has I am sure he's cracked a smile,"  5 Star said.

A video for the song was shot last weekend during a "Free Sean Payton" rally.