The first thing you notice about Max Davidson are his feet; lightning fast but with touch, and balance.

"How quick I can move my feet and how technical I can be with the ball are my biggest strengths," says Davidson.

The Patrick Henry captain is so talented on a soccer field, it takes you a moment to pick up something else, the arms.

"If you've been like me and seen him all these years you wouldn't even notice a difference," says Patrick Henry head coach Chris Dowdy.

"Sometimes they'll say something about it," Davidson adds. "I'll look at them like, 'What are you talking about? Oh wait, that's right!'"

When Max was born, a defect meant his left arm didn't grow past the elbow. It's all he has ever known, and didn't keep him from playing soccer and T-ball as a child.

"My mom never wanted me to feel like I couldn't do something. But I leaned towards soccer anyway."

It was a good choice. Teammates help him lace up his cleats, but once on the field the accolades start pouring in. First-team All-District, second-team All-State. A four-year starter for the Patriots, including as a freshman on their region champion team.

"Probably the best possessor of the ball we have on the team," says fellow co-captain Grant Baumgardner of his friend. "He gets everyone else involved really well with his passing. He's kind of the rock of our team."

"Max is probably the most individually motivated person," Dowdy says. "He works harder than anybody on his individual skill. He's with the ball all the time, working on his craft."

Throughout it all, his left arm has been less disability, more a source of laughs among the guys.

"Ton of stories I like to tell," said Davidson. "If it's cold out I'll say I had frostbite."

Baumgardner contributes one more, "He has a lot of fun with that. Sometimes he'll mess with the refs and pretend to take a throw in."

Max might have to shelve the frostbite line after this season. His two feet earned him a scholarship to Division I Winthrop in South Carolina.

"He's really risen above what everybody thinks that he might have been playing at," Dowdy says. "He's risen well above that and almost inspired him to play even better."