The Super Bowl Champion New York Giants have their second preseason game Saturday night against the Jets, and it's another opportunity for Danville's David Wilson to show what he's made of.

Wilson has displayed a variety of speed, explosiveness, and versatility throughout Giants training camp and had several big plays in the preseason opener last week against Jacksonville.

The fact that the Giants were dead last in the league in rushing last season, coupled with foot injury issues for Ahmad Bradshaw and Wilson's special teams ability, he has a chance to contribute right away.  The former Hokie is already getting high marks from Eli Manning.

“I thought David ran hard,” Manning said. “He showed some physical running ability right there. So that's what you like to see.  He has quickness, and had a couple big runs where he was breaking it over ten yards and a good kickoff return which was nice.  Those things are good.  Obviously a very physical and strong runner.  He's still got a lot to learn in some aspects of the passing game but that comes with time and more reps so I think it's good for him to get into a game situation.”