Word on Danny O'Brien expected by early next week

The Baltimore Sun

Like a jury deliberating its verdict, it seems that Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien is still contemplating where he will play the remainder of his college football career.  I'm told to expect some news by early next week.

"Hang in there," someone close to O'Brien texted me when I asked whether there was anything new to impart. My sense is there is nothing easy or clear-cut about O'Brien's decision on whether to remain in College Park.

You think that the impending decision of top receiver recruit Stefon Diggs could factor into O'Brien's decision?

For the record, I believe O'Brien's receivers really struggled in 2011.

Was O”Brien as accurate or polished in 2011 as the preceding year? Nope. But a fair accounting of 2011 has to mention what O’Brien was too diplomatic to say himself -- that he was often let down by his pass catchers' drops and suspensions.




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