Where does Michael Beasley's legal wrangling leave Dalonte Hill?

The Baltimore Sun

So where do all the accusations and counter-accusations between sports agent  Joel Bell and basketball player Michael Beasley leave Maryland assistant coach Dalonte Hill?

Does it change anything for Hill at all? I’m told Maryland has been pleased with Hill and continues  to feel that way.

You all know by now that Beasley has accused Bell in a civil action of teaming with Curtis Malone  -- co-founder of the DC Assault summer  basketball program – to ultimately secure for  Bell the right to represent Beasley.  Bell had earlier accused Beasley of breach of contract, saying the player dropped him before he got his financial due.

The legal filings  contain allegations that Beasley’s family received  improper benefits during the period before Beasley went pro.

Hill, hired by new Maryland coach Mark Turgeon, has long been close to Beasley.  Hill was the player’s coach with DC Assault.  Later, Hill was a Kansas State assistant and Beasley followed him to Manhattan, Kan.

Maryland says it has been delighted with  Hill. The school isn’t making any statements on Hill’s behalf because it says Hill hasn’t been accused of anything.

I asked Hill recently --  before Beasley’s suit was reported in the Washington Post – about the perception that  many summer-league coaches  have their hands out. “The media reports the one or two kids that’s good or the one or two kids that’s not doing so good. They don’t report the mid-major kids that go and get their degree – that’s not interesting for your readers,” Hill said.

Hill said Beasley became attached to him partly because they talked about issues besides basketball and recruiting.  “He was more comfortable with me because I ain’t going to call him and exhaust my phone calls. That’s just my approach. He had a built a great relationship with Coach (Bob) Huggins and he had built a great relationship with Coach  (Frank) Martin. So it wasn’t just me,” Hill said.

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