Watch Cole Field House transform back into a basketball arena

Iconic venue, which had been mainly used to host turf field, ready for Friday's Maryland Madness

By Jonas Shaffer

The Baltimore Sun

8:25 AM EDT, October 16, 2013


If you haven't been to College Park in, say, a decade, this is what Cole Field House looks like.

No, really, for the most part, it does. But ... how could that happen, you ask? Simple: Once Comcast Center debuted in 2002, Cole Field House became something of an athletic relic. It is still a stage for sporting battles, as you can see, but now they get only as must-see as inter-fraternity soccer games. Not exactly Maryland-Duke.

But with Maryland Madness moving to Cole Field House for Friday's unofficial season kickoff, the Terps' old home is getting the extreme makeover it deserves (and needs, too, I suppose). Out went the artificial turf. In came the hardwood. Out went the indoor-soccer goals. In came the basketball hoops.

As you look over these photos from the impressive overhaul, courtesy of the university's facilities, operations and events Twitter feed, might I suggest the musical accompaniment of the theme song to the 1990s sitcom "Step By Step." For this truly is a fresh start over, a different hand to play.

And so it begins...the transformation of Cole Field House for Maryland Madness! #oldschool #5days pic.twitter.com/jZ2Gn9LdJO

— UMD- Fac, Ops Events (@UMD_FOE) October 13, 2013

Half way there! The student staff is working hard! #marylandmadness #4days pic.twitter.com/OY6y5C9wol

— UMD- Fac, Ops Events (@UMD_FOE) October 14, 2013

4 more days and piece by piece we're one step closer to the main event with the floor in place #marylandmadness pic.twitter.com/ytFzVxxOuf

— UMD- Fac, Ops Events (@UMD_FOE) October 15, 2013

Morning terps! The sound system is in and ready to hear you rock the house! #marylandmadness #3days pic.twitter.com/GZlUxa9pl5

— UMD- Fac, Ops Events (@UMD_FOE) October 15, 2013

Courtside seats are in! #marylandmadness #3days pic.twitter.com/Sw0PBgO3J3

— UMD- Fac, Ops Events (@UMD_FOE) October 15, 2013

Cole cleans up nicely. #MarylandMadness #transformationtuesday pic.twitter.com/ddh0hkcmvz

— UMD- Fac, Ops Events (@UMD_FOE) October 15, 2013

No word yet on whether the university has looked into the venue's oft-criticized men's bathroom layout, which one Maryland student magazine lampooned in 2002 as having been arranged so that the urinals are "in the middle of the room, with each row attached to a low-rise tile wall. This creates the somewhat awkward situation of staring at a powerful alumni while you relieve yourself."

(Photos courtesy of sportsystemscorp.com and twitter.com)