Turgeon: 'We haven't grown up all the way'

The Baltimore Sun

Sometimes, a basketball season becomes a blur. One game starts to blend into the next until they are practically indistinguishable.

That's what's happening this season. The reason? The Terps keep committing similar sorts of errors, particularly on the road. Lack of inside toughness, not enough sharing the ball. There is a sameness to the road losses.

I guess the young, depth-challenged Terps are who they are.

I noted in my game story that Mark Turgeon delivered his post-game remarks with his head lowered and in an almost disbelieving tone. He had told players that "toughness" was the theme for this game, but he was disappointed -- again -- that his frontcourt did not deliver.

There is so much focus on the performance -- good or bad -- of guard Terrell Stoglin, the ACC's leading scorer. He shot 5-for-17 against Georgia Tech.

But Turgeon seems more upset these days -- almost offended -- at the lackluster play of his "bigs."

Here is what the coach said:

"I thought we were growing up, I really did. But today showed that we haven't grown up all the way, we weren't ready to play. The first 3 they hit, they run the same play every game. We drew it up right before tipoff. With that said, we had a nine-point lead and they out-toughed us. And they tried to let us get back there in the end. The kid [Brandon Reed] made a big shot for them. We just couldn't make a play. We got a little bit selfish on offense, which we tend to do. It's disappointing."

More Turgeon, who is a portrait of anguish:

"We missed a lot of bunnies. We missed a lot of layups. They got physical, and we couldn't handle it. Execution wasn't great. Shot selection wasn't great. So it was probably a combination of all of those things during that stretch that hurt us."

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