Turgeon says team manager is 'inspiration'

The Baltimore Sun

Maryland basketball coach Mark Turgeon sat next to freshman basketball manager Zach Lederer today and said: "God touches you in a lot of ways and he’s touched us with Zach."

Lederer, who is battling brain cancer, appeared with Turgeon in the Comcast Center media room wearing a gray Maryland sweat suit.

After surgery on Jan. 25, Lederer said the "plan is six months of chemo and then two-to-four and maybe zero months of radiation."

Lederer, 18, said 'Zaching' began when he flexed his muscles coming out of surgery, and his father took a picture. "I wanted to make it very clear that 'Here I am, strong as ever,' " Lederer said.

He said he is grateful for the phenomenon of people around the country striking similar poses in support -- "Zaching."

“The coolest ones in my mind are the ones of the kids in the hospital,” he said.

Said Turgeon: "He’s been a great inspiration for us this year. The things this team has had to go through doesn’t seem like very much compared with what Zach has already gone go through and is getting ready to go through."

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