Thoughts on Gary Crowton's departure

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Random thoughts on offensive coordinator Gary Crowton's departure:

*The details of Crowton's departure will be determined by a negotiation between Crowton and the school, according to a knowledgable source. There may be a negotiated buyout of the contract balance (or some of the balance). 

*Crowton's hurry-up, spread offense looked good only sporadically. What the offense lacked was consistency. Partly because of injuries and suspensions, it seemed as if the offense was forvever shifting personnel. Different quarterbacks, different receivers, no traction. The receivers, were pretty dreadful.

*I think Crowton was an early C.J. Brown fan. I remember him telling me before the season began that he believed the Terps had two of the best quarterbacks in the conference in Brown and incumbent starter Danny O'Brien. At the time, Brown's college experience consisted of one series against Morgan State in 2010. Brown's speed was a good fit for the option reads Crowton designed. Less so for O'Brien. 

*Following a transition year, what you wanted at Maryland was stability. Consider that the quarterbacks who remain will be on their third offensive coordinator in three seasons. This is unfortunate for Maryland.

*I will always clearly define what is fact and what is speculation. In the latter department, my colleague Don Markus says these names could be in play to replace Crowton.

--Norries Wilson: was offensive coordinator under Edsall at UConn prior to Rob Ambrose.

--Joe Moorhead: was offensive coordinator under Edsall at UConn after Ambrose left for Towson.


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